Why Choose Taxi Riviera Maya

Whether you're embarking on a vacation or a business trip, T is your go-to partner for reliable, certified, and customer-focused transportation services. Our goal is to ensure your journey from the airport to your destination is not just a transfer but an enjoyable and memorable part of your travel experience.

Embark on a journey with Taxi Riviera Maya, where professionalism, friendliness, and top-notch services come together to make every ride with us a pleasant and satisfying adventure in the stunning Riviera Maya. Book with us and experience the difference in transportation excellence!

Our Services: Explore Tailored Transportation Options with Taxi Riviera Maya

Taxi Riviera Maya - Quintana Roo

Taxi Riviera Maya

At Taxi Riviera Maya, we take pride in offering a range of transportation services designed to cater to the unique needs of every traveler. Our array of options ensures you find the perfect solution for your transfer in the Riviera Maya.

Hotel-to-Hotel Transfer: Enjoy a seamless transition between hotels with our specialized transfer service. With punctuality and comfort, we bring the essence of Taxi Riviera Maya directly to your destination.

Private Transportation: Experience privacy and luxury with our private transportation service. A dedicated driver awaits at the airport to take you directly to your destination, without any additional stops.

Group Transfers: Perfect for group trips, our group transfer service ensures everyone arrives together and comfortably at their destination in the Riviera Maya.

Transfer to Tourist Attractions: Discover the wonders of the Riviera Maya in comfort. We offer direct transfers to tourist attractions, ensuring your adventure begins from the moment you step on board.

Open-Service: Want to explore the region at your own pace? With our open-service, you can use the van unlimitedly for a specified time, giving you the freedom to uncover the Riviera Maya on your terms.

Wedding Transfers: Celebrate your special day in style. Our wedding transfer service ensures that the bride, groom, and guests arrive with elegance and punctuality at the ceremony venue. 

Corporate Events and Conferences: We facilitate transportation for corporate events and conferences. Whether for business meetings or conferences, our team handles logistics to ensure a seamless experience.

At Taxi Riviera Maya, we are committed to providing transportation options that suit your needs. Book with us and discover the comfort, reliability, and exceptional service that sets us apart in the Riviera Maya.


Our drivers bring a wealth of experience and responsibility, holding federal licenses to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your journey.


Our fleet undergoes strict maintenance in our dedicated workshop, ensuring that each vehicle meets the highest standards of quality and safety.


For added security, all our vehicles are equipped with real-time GPS tracking, allowing us to monitor your journey and promptly respond to any needs that may arise.


Convenience is paramount. You can make cash payments upon arrival at the airport by coordinating with our agents, providing you with flexibility and ease of transaction.


We offer the convenience of card payments with stripe secure payments, providing you with a widely accessible and secure payment option.


Embracing modern payment solutions, we accept PayPal payments for immediate and secure transactions, adding a layer of flexibility to your payment choices.